3 Signs To Identify Muscle Growth Plateaued

 Sometimes people don't even realise their progress has plateaued. More often than not when a new client starts working with me they've stuck for some time and struggled to make the positive changes they're searching for.Here are 3 signs that you're in a plateau...Poor Performance If you're Read more

2 Things you need to consider if you have stubborn body fat!

Overall Condition Sometimes it is very important to remember that your overall condition will ultimately dictate your body fat percentage. You will not make a specific area of your body lean if you are not lean yourself, it just will not work that for you. Focus on ensuring you are following the Read more

Three Training Mistakes to Avoid

It is very easy to fall into many different traps which ultimately mean your training isn't as productive. Obviously I want to help you avoid these problems and get the VERY most out of your time spent in the gym!! This is why I spend so much time creating these daily emails to help you. Here I've Read more

Get More From Your Body In the Gym!

In order to progress as fast as your genetics allow you MOST be pushing your limits in the gym. One of the key parts of doing this is getting more from your body in the gym. This means optimising your plan for performance in turn leading to better forced progression via overload. Whilst I can’t Read more

Three Reasons why vegetables improve your overall health and fitness

Vegetables aren't necessarily what many people talk about when thinking about building muscle or burning fat, but they should! Yes, it goes without saying that getting enough protein, carbohydrates and fats is essential to building muscle and getting your ass in shape. However, vegetables play an Read more


1. Drink 1 Gallon of  water per day minimum 8 glass of water.2. Go to bed at a decent hour every day to get 6-8 hours of sleep.3. Do any type of exercise in the morning for 30 minutes to boots your metabolism!  This can be taking the dog for a walk, a run, weight training circuit, class, or home Read more

Three Steps To Improve Your Squatting

Squats feature a lot as a key compound exercise on leg day, understandably so. There are very few exercises which are able to generate as much high threshold motor unit stimulation across the thighs, they are hugely energy intensive and have a profound impact on natural hormone stimulation. They Read more

Three Steps to isolate your Triceps

Bodybuilding is very much about making the target muscle work as hard as possible, removing as many variables as possible which lead to reduced tension within that area. This is NOT "weight lifting" where the emphasis is simply on moving the weight from A to B. The aim is very different, to create Read more