1. Drink 1 Gallon of  water per day minimum 8 glass of water.

2. Go to bed at a decent hour every day to get 6-8 hours of sleep.

3. Do any type of exercise in the morning for 30 minutes to boots your metabolism!  This can be taking the dog for a walk, a run, weight training circuit, class, or home exercise.

4. Switch out one junk food item for a yummy healthy one (for example, sub your daily donut for a quest bar, sweet potato or oats with stevia, or sub your high calorie chips for protein chips or seasoned grilled broccoli).

5. Take digestive enzymes with 3 meals per day, and a good MultiVitamin.

6. If you have a hard time eating enough, put a timer in your phone to eat.

7. If you have a hard time eating vegetables, add a salad to one of your meals, or have one scoop of Green Superfood powder daily, and or Juice Plus Supplements.

8. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning!  Some of my favorites are egg whites and oatmeal with stevia, a protein shake, cottage cheese with fruit, or sugar free Greek yogurt with fruit.

9. Take care of your skin daily by using a good moisturizer with high SPF, and coconut oil or cocoa butter.

10. Set a goal to reduce the number of alcoholic beverages or cigarettes daily.  Each day, try to have one less drink or one less smoke.

11. Substitute your high sugar milk with unsweetened almond or cashew milk.

12. Throw out any unhealthy goodies, spreads or condiments in your pantry, fridge, or freezer that tempt you to over consume! (i.e. cookies, Oreos, mayonnaise, ding dongs, hoho’s, pita chips, glazed nuts, hydrogenated peanut butter).

13. Reduce your eating out to a smaller number per week if you tend to overeat at restaurants, or eat unhealthy (i.e. bringa healthy cooked meal to work instead of going to Subway...ect.

14. Cook with Olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter.

15. Grill or steam your food instead of using a frying pan.

16. Schedule a professional deep tissue massage once every two weeks, or roll out muscle adhesions daily on a lacrosse ball or foam roller.

17. Spend 15-30 minutes in the sun daily wearing sunscreen for Vitamin D and a natural mood boost.

18. Learn a new exercise program and challenge yourself by doing exercises in the gym or at home!  (i.e. Squats, lunges, plyos, push-ups...ect).

19. Use the buddy system by texting a friend or family member about your workout, and or inviting them to workout with you!  This will not only help hold you accountable, but motivate your friends and family.

20. Stretch in the morning and or before every workout to prevent your muscles from getting stiff, potentially causing injury, and creating muscle imbalances.
So, did I give you enough to work on? I would love to know how your 21 day challenge is going, so message me on Instagram and let me know how you’re getting along!!  Which were easier than others, or even more challenging