Rep tempo is one of the biggest differentiating factors in regards to training. You and I could do exactly the same workout with totally different rep tempos and the stimulus achieved would be day and night!! 

Correctly prescribed rep tempo allows us to implement far more stress factors on to a muscle and improve recruitment within the area.


This could be using an isometric contraction for optimised muscle recruitment after the eccentric phase for instance... 

However, I do get some people asking me what this all means and how it works. Today I want to talk about some of these key terms because they're so important to your progress! 


Eccentric: This is the "negative" part of the rep where you're resisting it. For instance, on a bench press this would be the bit where the weight is coming back down towards your chest. This part of the rep is where you're strongest.  


Concentric: This is the bit where you're actually lifting the weight. This is where we're generating muscle activation through lifting the weight with the target muscle. 


Isometric: There are 2 isometric points with every rep. These are essentially the "pauses" after the concentric and eccentric. Depending on the exercise I will often prescribe a pause and "squeeze" at these points, sometimes both!


Masoud Rezaei.