3 Signs To Identify Muscle Growth Plateaued


Sometimes people don't even realise their progress has plateaued. More often than not when a new client starts working with me they've stuck for some time and struggled to make the positive changes they're searching for.

Here are 3 signs that you're in a plateau...

Poor Performance 

If you're consistently finding you're unable to overload the muscle with more weight or reps with the same weight, that points towards the fact you've plateaued. This is a serious problem for anybody looking to build size because ultimately without overload taking place there is limited growth opportunity. 

Tracking performance is one of the best indicators of spotting the onset of a plateau. 

Body Composition 

I've always been a big proponent of building muscle whilst remaining relatively lean. With too much body fat during a "bulk" phase it's likely progress will stall because of factors including insulin resistance and increased aromatisation. 

Sometimes it pays during a lean mass phase to cutback, reduce body fat before continuing to address the issues outlined above. Doing so can help fix this very common cause of plateaus. 

Prolonged Stagnation

If your weight isn't increasing and hasn't for 2-3 weeks I'd say something needs to change when trying to build size. In this instance it is probably a simple case of needing more of the right calories at the right time, IF you're lean enough to justify them. This is why it is key that you're always tracking your meals so you know HOW much to increase your food by.

These are just 3 ways of spotting a plateau.


Masoud Rezaei.