2 Things you need to consider if you have stubborn body fat!

Overall Condition


Sometimes it is very important to remember that your overall condition will ultimately dictate your body fat percentage. You will not make a specific area of your body lean if you are not lean yourself, it just will not work that for you. Focus on ensuring you are following the correct nutrient throughout your diet, cardio and training and get yourself in shape!


We all have areas of our body where the fat sticks to and goes last, by getting lean you will quickly learn that there comes a point where that stubborn fat will go. For some this is their lower abdomen, other it’s their lower back and obviously the chest for men and triceps for women is also another very commonly effected area as well.


Oestrogen Management


If you have got an imbalance in Oestrogen which can be quite common in men than you can do various things to try and improve this, via lifestyle and diet. Increase your green intake to get more phytonutrients in play to help manage Oestrogen. Food like mushrooms which are rich in I-3-C can also contribute toward this.


Other things including naturally improving your testosterone balance with things like Omega3s, Zinc and a small amount of saturated fat in your diet. Either way, focus on doing the things you can to manage and influence your Oestrogen level.