Three Training Mistakes to Avoid
It is very easy to fall into many different traps which ultimately mean your training isn't as productive. Obviously I want to help you avoid these problems and get the VERY most out of your time spent in the gym!! This is why I spend so much time creating these daily emails to help you.
Here I've got 3 very common training mistakes which can mean the difference between making progress and failing to! 
Excessive Momentum 
The objective when weight training for hypertrophy is to create as much tension between point A & B, as well as at those two points. This is achieved by squeezing the muscle and using a slow enough tempo to allow the stress to build.
What most people do is completely miss this and rely on momentum to lift the weight! Do NOT do this, even though it is easier. All you are doing is using leverage to move the weight and if anything, the stress will go to your connective tissues instead. 
No Periodisation 
Many people will just go into the gym from week to week, train a muscle for an hour and then go. There's no thought for periodisation or tracking numbers. 
The issue with failing to track training volume, rest periods and rep tempo is that you're not forcing change because you're not going to create the cycle where "super compensation" occurs. 
This is one of the key reasons my training system is so effective for building muscle! It uses periodisation in a very specific way, whilst constantly allowing for progress by manipulating energy systems, muscle fibres & the CNS. 
Same Rep Ranges 
One of the single biggest limiting factors for muscle growth is the use of the same rep ranges every single week. By doing this you're really limiting the amount of hypertrophy you can ever generate by only training the same muscle fibres. 
My training system focuses on targeting ALL muscle fibre populations in order to maximise growth. This is why so many of my clients report amazing results within 6-12 weeks of using my program, it trains ALL fibre types and unlocks new growth potential! 
Masoud Rezaei.