Get More From Your Body In the Gym!

In order to progress as fast as your genetics allow you MOST be pushing your limits in the gym. One of the key parts of doing this is getting more from your body in the gym. This means optimising your plan for performance in turn leading to better forced progression via overload. Whilst I can’t completely optimise your plan without coaching you, I can give you some hints on where to improve.

Consider The Timing Of Your Workout

The time of day you train and how that might affect your intensity. The conclusion was that it really depends on your personal situation. However, genetically, you will feel more energised to train when you have more calories in you. Logically, this will be after 1-2 meals of the day.

On top of this, consider what you are having leading up to your workout. Are there enough essential nutrient present in order to support high intensity weight training. The balance is having enough without too much, which can undermine your ultimate body composition goal. There are many nutritional techniques I use to get pre-workout nutrition on point!

Allow For Digestion

The next thing after concluding if you have eaten enough of the right food is allowing it to digest. If you go to the gym too soon after eating you will not perform at your highest level. Why? Because the body is trying to send blood to the gut in order to digest food, rather than to your working muscles. Give 60-90 minutes after your pre-workout meal. Always consider the food sources as well in this meal, ensure there are enough nutrition depends on your goal and they are easy digesting foods.

Get Focused

Being focused is a word we always a piece of advise but it is very important. If you go into the gym, talk between sets and don’t monitor rest periods you will find that the intensity is not as effective as expected. As a result, your workouts will deliver very limited results. Don’t forget the importance of getting zoned into your training before you begin, as well as maintaining this states of mind for the duration